The AFAirTeam is a team of individuals devoted to AFSO21 principles of AIR (A)dvancement (I)nnovation and (R)ecovery.  The team was created in July of 2011. The members of this team are working hard to be frugal with the fiscal and physical resources that taxpayers have entrusted them with.  Members of AIR believe that using AFSO21 tools such as LEAN, 5Whys and Standard Work will help eliminate some of the waste that we are currently experiencing.

Mission Statement

To be good stewards of the resources that the American taxpayers have entrusted us  with by inspiring (A)dvancement, (I)nnovation and (R)ecovery.

Current Goals

1) Change the current trend of wastefulness by inspiring young and old service members to make value added changes.

2) Spread awareness throughout the DOD, that it is up to the “individual” to help make BIG changes in stewardship of resources.

3) To receive the support of the American people and help further the AIR Team’s cause getting rid of wastefulness and red tape.

As taxpaying Americans ourselves, AIR Team members are determined to use innovation, technology, and streamlined processes to change the present course of unsustainable fiscal responsibility. Bringing a new era of stewardship throughout the government as a whole.  Feel free register and post your own ideas about ways the AIR Team, military members, government employers and contractors can better use the resources you have provided us with.  You can also use our contact form to send us a personal question, comment or recommendation or submit your own idea of things the Air Force can do better right now.  We look forward to hearing from you!

The AIR Team